Detect connected/trying to connect devices on router using wireshark

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Hi, i am a student and completely new to wire shark, i need some assistance in a project. I want to know that how can i use wire shark in order to detect devices that are connected to my router and that are trying to connect my router.(frankly i actually don't know if we can do it using wire shark or not, but a software "wireless network watcher" can easily detect connected devices so i thought it will also be possible on wire shark). What i already tried is npcap 0.10, but after installing it when i run wire shark, on initializing it kept on asking for admin permission, i had to force stop it, and since then wire shark isn't even showing available connections. If i have to use npcap then kindly tell me how to resolve my problem in 2nd part first.

*if i don't need to use npcap then no need to discuss second problem.

I have to submit my proposal within next 2 days so kindly help me fast.