Designing simple garage door logic circuit

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I am trying to design a logic circuit diagram to show a garage door doing the 5 commands. UP,DOWN,LOCK,UNLOCK, ERROR.
I was think of designing it as a 5 LED display. I also would have the Lock/Unlock as a NOT Gate. Up/Down as an OR. But that's kinda as far as I get and I kinda am losing it from there. We have to design a circuit using logic gates try to keep it as basic as possible so any help you could give is great. Thanks T


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We as in a training class exercise. Can you help me out? Why does this matter?
It matters because we do not just solve homework problems for people. YOU need to show YOUR best effort to make an honest attempt to solve YOUR homework. That gives us a starting point from which to help guide you toward a solution.

A good first step would be a clearer and more complete statement of the problem. What do you mean by showing a garage door doing five commands? What is causing this door to do anything in the first place. How are you thinking of using a NOT for the Lock/Unlock? How are you thinking of using an OR for the up/down? What are the inputs to this circuit you are supposed to design?