Dehumidifier problem - doesn't collect water

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Good day all.
I have a Delonghi DNC65 desiccant dehumidifier, which appears to be working, but doesn't collect water.
I have stripped it down, and put an ohmmeter across the fuses and thermistors, and there appears to be continuity there.
The thermistors show 56.6k and 57k, which decreases if I put a hair drier on them.
All 3 motors....for desiccant disk, heater fan, and swing vent all functioning.
No error light.
Heater coils show 47.4 and 108 individually, and 155.7 across both so I assume nothing wrong there.
But the heater doesn't appear to be functioning.
So this leads me to think that it may be the main power board (perhaps a relay?), or the humidistat.
So my question is can I test the humidistat, bearing in mind that my ability to use a meter is usually limited to testing resistance? I attach a picture of the humidistat board, and also a picture of the board next to it with 2 black boxes....what are these? I haven't taken either board out yet because I thought it was time to see if anyone can guide me further before i take the machine apart again!
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Hi there
Just wondered if you ever got to the bottom of your issue with the DNC65? We have 3 of these but only 1 is working perfectly. The other 2 run for a little while and then just turn off.
Any advice, gratefully received!
Cheers, Ian

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Doesn't it have a display that shows the existing humidity and the setting you have?
If it is set too low then it might be on all the time.
If you have it set too high then it might never turn on.


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Thanks for the feedback folks. I don’t think it’s a temperature or low-humidity issue as placing 2 of them in the same room on the same evening (individually) results in one turning off after around 3 minutes and the other one running perfectly and collecting water as it always has at this time of year.

I suspect a sensor is out of calibration and have ordered a humidistat - will post an update later this month once it arrives and I’ve fitted it.