Defeat phase loss on a TDK/Lambda Power Supply

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I have a 10KW Genesys power supply. But I only have two phases. Fortunately, I only need about 3KW so it seems to me that I should be able to derate it that much. But it has phase-loss detection and refuses to turn on.

Does anyone know how they do that? Or how to bypass it?

There are some small signal wires coming off of the rectifier assemblies but I kind of suspect those are for temperature monitoring. On the other hand, whatever it is has to be upstream from the rectifiers, right?


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You post is rather confusing.
The title is about a Lambda power supply, but the post is about a generator.
And why do you have only two phases?

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The post is about a bench/laboratory power supply made by TDK/Lambda. Their name for the series is "Genesys" Specifically, it is the 125 volt, 80 amp model with 208V delta 3-phase input. No neutral terminal.

These power supplies contain one, two, or three 5KW DC/DC converters in parallel fed from a common AC to DC stage for up to 15KW.

I only have two of three phases because I am in a building that has 208 delta/ 120 wye service but each unit only gets two of the three phases. The units are wired as if it were single, split phase but, of course, the phase angle is 120 degrees instead of the 180 degrees you usually see with US single-phase service.

Not that it is relevant, but I need 125 volts DC at 20 amps to test a boost converter I am working on. 1KV, 3 amp output.

I may just have to slap a bridge rectifier and a big capacitor across the output of a Variac but I would really prefer the adjustable current limit of the supply.

Does that make more sense?


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Likely no happening by some easy Jedi mind trick. I use lots of TDK/Lambda "Genesys" supplies. Their phase-detection circuits on 3-phase models is very good and IMO not easily defeated because of company liability for people wanting to do power related short-cuts like you want.