Decrease the acceleration of the DC motor controlled by MC1648DLS motor controller

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I'm trying to decrease the acceleration of the DC motor which is controlled by motor controller.

The motor I'm using is 4.25 HP 5195 RPM 130 Volt DC Leili Treadmill Motor L-315219 | Special Purpose DC Motors | DC Motors | Electrical |, and the controller I'm using is MC1648DLS motor controller, which are both parts used for commercial treadmills.

I've tried to attach the motor curve or the circuit diagram of the controller but wasn't able to find one.

I'm controlling the motor controller by sending the PWM signal to the board from Arduino UNO and it works well.

The thing I want to achieve is to get a more slower acceleration of the motor.
Here's are the velocity and acceleration curve I got by doing a PTV(particle tracking velocimetry) on a treadmill belt by marking dots on it.
The acceleration is about 0.55m^2/s when it accelerates.

Would there will be a way to get a lower acceleration as much as possible?

Thank you