Dead short on PCB, does this surface mount look faulty?

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At the moment, I'm doing a bit of fault finding on a PCB. Although surface mount is a bit beyond my skills.
That being said, I'm just weighing up what could be at fault and whether its worth trying to do something.

Upon inspection of the circuit board, I have noticed that one of the surface mount components (Capacitor?) has a silvery finish to it. Unlike the rest of the components.

Does it look like it could be faulty? If so, what causes it to look like that? (Just interested)



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I don't think the surface finish indicates any problem.
However, I can see a hint of a line across it that may be a crack. This is something that can happen to these capacitors. Have a careful, magnified, look and see if you can tell if it is indeed a crack. If you use a soldering iron on one end you may discover that half of it comes away.


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Not sure if a cracked SMD cap would represent a dead short though, but you never know. Best to check the easy parts and eliminate them first.