DDS AD9850 signal generator controlled by MCU

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I've been working on a project that requires a high frequency input. So I've chosen to use this DDS module to generate the given frequency. But I'm not sure how to control it using a Microcontroller Unit. I want to use Arduino uno to program the DDS at the desired frequency but I need help with the code as well as the circuit connection. How do I connect the DDS to the Arduino board and program it?


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Check out GitHub for the code.
Normally i like to help more than this, but this is a little more than i like to get into unless i have a lot of time.

If this is the one i think it is, you can program it serially or in parallel. Serially requires less wires and i think the library on GitHub is for the serial method.

So basically you find the code, download the code, then connect the board to the Arduino. Compile the code then upload to the Arduino and see if it runs good.
You might need an output amplifier too though as the output is not that high.

I wrote my own code so i dont know how they did theirs but that will be simpler for you.

Here is one link i found: