dc motor reversing circuit with on delay and limits

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I've been searching the posts for a solution and found some posts with partial answers but nothing with a complete circuit. I need to build a 12vdc power seat track tester that will run continuously until it is shut off. I need to run a motor in one direction (FWD) until a limit switch on the seat track is hit. Then wait for a short time delay (5-10 sec). The motor will then reverse direction until it hits the (REV) direction limit switch. The time delay will then activate again and turn the motor in the FWD direction. This forward / reverse motion will continue until something breaks or it is turned off. I have some DPDT, 555 timers, limit switches, and some various diodes & resistors. I've done a few other circuits, but not any circuit design so I need schematics, not just descriptions. Just learning as I go. I would rather do this with relays and the 555 than use a micro controller since I'd have to learn that first. Any advise will appreciated.


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I have not constructed this, but designed it for a now stalled project. It should do what you want. This uses active braking. C1 and Relay 3 cuts the power to the motor, applies the braking resistor, and provides the delay before the motor starts in the opposite direction.