database from corrupt file?

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one of my SQL server database seems to have problem. I have tried detaching and attaching it again but getting SQL server error message 5172. It looks like my database is corrupt.
Can anyone suggest any tips/methods that help me in extracting data from my corrupt SQL server database?

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not an database expert but... if you pick some irrational number (pi, e or whatever), represent it in binary and look at the bit stream, it will contain every piece of information one can possibly have, history and future too...;)


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Before you do anything, make a copy of the database files and work with the copy. Now if you jack up the copy trying to fix it, you can make another copy and try again.

If you've got backups, you might want to restore your latest backup and see what you can get from that. If there weren't many changes since the backup then that may cut down on what you have to spend time recovering.


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Depending on the recovery mode of your db, you can recover by restoring a backup and then applying transaction logs to it. This won't work in simple recovery mode since no transaction logs are created.


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Guys, this is spam. It is a tactic that we are seeing on a recurring basis. Some new member asks how to recover a corrupt file and then, a day or so later, another new member responds with a link to a third party tool to do it (we deleted that response in this thread). If people want to use the OP as a jumping off point for discussing this topic, that's fine. But have no illusions, the TS does NOT have a corrupted file that they are trying to recover, they are merely playing games aimed at deceiving the very people that they are trying to trick into becoming their customers.


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I don't think the threads are attracting spam, I think the thread itself consists of two spam posts plus whatever legitimate posts it attracts from members. The first post is spam, just doesn't look like it. Then a few days later the actual spam post, that was scheduled from before the original post ever arrived, is posted.

The only way to prevent the actual spam post is to lock the thread as soon as we recognize the teaser post -- but then we run the risk of locking a legitimate post from a legitimate new user that has a legitimate problem.

So I think the best route to go (and I could well be wrong) is to let the thread live, announce our suspicions when they arise (which gives the legitimate poster the chance to respond and say that they really do have a problem -- and if they don't it largely confirms our suspicion that the first post is an automatically generated teaser post), kill the spam post when it arrives, and announce that we did that. Ideally this will get back to the spammer and they will conclude that their tactic isn't working. That is probably too much to hope for. But at least it can still serve an educational role to let our members know what is going on and the kind of tactics that are out there so that, perhaps, they will be less likely to be suckered into doing business with anyone that starts out by deceiving their potential customers.
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