DAC8830, help to reduce these harmonics.

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I am using DAC8830 and generating 0 to 5V sine signal at 10KHz, 18KHz and 22KHz, the DAC output is unbuffered, so I have used OPA388 as a buffer. The output finally i need is -2.5 to +2.5V sin ewave. For this i have used a opamp UA741 as a differential amplifier with unity gain.

The output was as expected but the issue here is the harmonics at output of DAC was 32dBc down and the output of DAC fed to OPA388, this OPA388 was lifting this harmonic to 23 dBc an dthis OPA388 buffer output was fed to UA741, which lifts further 10dBC.

Can you please suggest any solution to reduce these harmonics.

and also please explain me the specifications for selecting a buffer for DAC8830.
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