Custom Build Progressive to Interlaced Signal Converter HDMI>HDMI

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I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the ‘jobs’ section, but here goes...

I'm looking for someone who can build a device that converts any progressive signal into the corresponding interlaced one. While many converters exist, I need one that supports higher refresh rates than the standard 30i/60i (60Hz) specification. I've tried the Barco Folsom ImagePro HD and the RGBLink VSP628PRO without success—they can't handle the timings send from my computer.

To avoid confusion with the interlaced and progressive terminology, I'll refer to everything in terms of Hz from now on. For instance, 60i and 60p both mean 60Hz. (where 60i loses half the information due to the interlacing fields)

Here's an example of what it basically needs to do:
Input: 1920x1080p @ 84Hz >>> Output: 1920x1080i @ 84Hz
Input: 1280x720p @ 120Hz >>> Output: 1280x720i @ 120Hz
It should auto-recognize the input signal’s resolution unless it significantly increases costs.
A resolution selector with a few EDID choices could be a viable alternative.


  • Max resolution: 1920x1080p 100Hz to 1920x1080i 100Hz
  • Timing: CVT standard (no reduced blanking)
  • Low latency: 1.5 frames max, ideally less
  • HDMI input and output
  • Audio is not a concern; video signal only
  • Durable and robust connectors; outer shell aesthetics are not important

This is a personal project, and there’s no rush.
I need a rough cost estimation to see if it’s worthwhile.
When successful, I might request 2 or 3 more units as backups.

If such a converter already exists and meets these criteria within budget, please let me know.
Or if there are better places where to ask this question.
I'd appreciate any recommendations.

Thank you.