CRT TV oscilloscope issue

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So I made this crt oscilloscope a few weeks ago and have been having a lot of fun messing around with it, but I may have shorted something last night and am now having some issues.
Background: I cut the high frequency horizontal leads from the fly back and replaced with the vertical 60Hz signal, then attaching the vertical signal to an electrical signal (e.g. music) which worked great.
But I decided for some reason I needed to take the VCR out, which led to the tv turning on for a few seconds and then shutting off. I figured out that the photoresistors were causing the tv to turn off as it thought there was a vhs tape jammed (shining a light in the tape port fixed the issue). So I tried shorting the photoresistors to fix this with no luck. I then added in an LED to the 5V line for the tape deck motor which stays on to simulate an empty tape deck.
After adding said LED, the TV takes much longer to charge up i.e. after plugging it in, the power button does nothing for ~30 seconds as opposed to ~5 seconds before. After warming up, I can turn the tv on and hear the fly back whirring for ~10 sec before emitting a horizontal line for a split second and immediately turning back off. (This happens even after removing my LED)
I think this seems like a capacitor issue, but I’m not sure how adding an LED in parallel to a 5V motor line would cause this. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Btw this is an Emerson EWC 1304 made in 2004

Picture of CRT before VCR removal