Criteria to select IGBT and Diode for buck converter help!

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Hello peeps!

I am in the part of the design process where I must select the switching devices for a buck converter: transistor (I am biased with choosing an IGBT for my specific design application) and diode (preferably a Schottky diode). I am bit, or better said, quite confused about the selection criteria I must follow to better fit the components in my circuit. Hence, my question relies on: What are the operational criteria I must consider while selecting the proper IGBT and diode capable of complying with my buck converter demands?
Important info about this buck converter design:
Vin: 120 Vdc
Iout: 85.5 A
Vout: 48.2 V (approx)
Switching frequency: 27000 Hz

Please let me know if additional info is required. I honestly need a guide that explains which Electrical specs I must consider or calculate to select the components.

Thanks indeed to all.


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The primary considerations are the peak current and peak voltage and operating frequeny. After selection of the device you can then design the drive circuit.