Creating basic circuit schematics related to bread board.

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I am in a fast moving class with no electrical experience. I was told to create a schematic in order to wire a circuit on the bread board. The requirements for this circuit is that, when you push a button, 2 lights turn on. When you let go of the button, one stays on while the other turns off. Push another button and the one that stayed on, turns off. I included the schematics for the last circuit that I created, to relate. I need to know what to do for these schematics and if this is an unreasonable request, I need to know of a good resource to help me learn how to draw schematics based on a concept, and relate them to my bread board. Thank you.



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If this is school work, you need to post in the Homework Help forum. In any case, show your work.

I couldn't view your PDF.


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What class expects you to create a schematic with no prior electrical experience?

I'd start with a diagram of a state machine. If you don't have any experience that's a drawing of every possible state of the circuit and what the outputs do in each state, and what happens when any input occurs. Your description sounds like it's a job for logic, so you'd take your state machine diagram and figure out what logic functions are necessary to implement it.

The 'schematic' you attached didn't make sense to me. I've no idea what it's supposed to represent. I see switches and frequency mixers and generic boxes with no indication of what they do. Id you're supposed to draw an electronic schematic you first need to learn the correct symbols. The instructional part of this site is one place to start.