Creating a motor and lights circuit

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I do not have a lot of knowledge when it comes to electrical circuits, however I am competent at building and understanding machines. I'm making a kinetic sculpture, for which the simplest description is: a rotating drum with a central axel, held on a frame. I need to make a circuit which has an electric motor, a strip of 30 LEDs, and a switch which can be pressed by foot to activate and stops when pressure is released. The motor needs to spin this 900mm drum which has a diameter of 220mm and a total weight of about 6kg at around 6-10rpm. Ideally I want the whole system to run off of the mains( I'm in the UK), however it if it is battery powered it doesn't matter too much. I want the switch to start the motor and turn on the LED strip, and then have both of turn off when the switch is released. As you can probably tell I don't really have any idea how to get this to work.

I feel like there is a lot to work out here and to understand for this to work as described. I would really appreciate any help with this project from anyone who can spare some time explaining to someone very inexperienced in the subject. The main thing I would like help with is understanding the specification of the motor, lights, wire and switch needed so everything works together fine.
I hope I have given enough details so that the project circuit needed is understandable.