Cracked PCB board. Repairable?

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Hello everybody,
I've got this PCB board out of an AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor. The main board is cracked as you can see in the pictures. It's a single sided/layer PCB. Question is... Is it repairable? I'm willing to take on any challenge, but would like your feedback. Will this be a fun, challenging repair project, or a waste of time?

Thanks for your advice.IMG_1703.jpg IMG_1704.jpg IMG_1716.jpg IMG_1718.jpg IMG_1717.jpg IMG_1715.jpg


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yes, it is.
First, glue it together with Super Glue and let it cure.
Then, scrape the green layer off the ends of the tracks at the break to give clean copper, tin the ends of the tracks, and solder a piece of wire across the break.