Count button presses and transmit back to base

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    Aug 3, 2016

    I'm a newbie to this so looking for some pointers a new project, I'm looking to build a device, probably in two stages

    1. I want to attach a small number of buttons (say 1-5) to a board that will count how many times each button has been pressed during a given time interval, probably per hour.

    2. Each evening at a preset time, once the data is collected, I want to send it back to base and reset the counter ready for the next day.


    1. The device must be battery operated and have a long battery life, preferably months or at least in weeks.
    2. The device will use a mobile sim to transmit the data back, this could be as a simple text message

    I know this is a big ask as a newbie, I will have the assitance of a electronics engineer who will assist me with building the board
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