core selection for boost converter

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Hi Eveyone,

I designed a two stage boost converter but I only have cores which are used for the chokes. The inductance of the cores can reach up to couple of millihenry. I am wondering if it's possible to use those cores for boost converter or is it necessarily to be an iron powder toroid?


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Hello there. :) The number of turns in the coil, coil
area, length of coil, & core composite material effects the amount of inductance in an inductor. Inductors with ferromagnetic cores give you a larger
inductance but have losses in the form of Eddie currents & hysteresis .
The reactance to effective resistance
Ratio or Q factor witch is frequency dependant gives you the sharpness
Of the center frequency(fc)of a LC circuit & have a high permabilaty
& are preferred in my DC to DC converter designs.
The higher the Q factor the better.


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It depends on what the charactaristics of your cores are and what your boost converter needs. I regularly use off the shelf power supply chokes as the inductor in low power boost converters.

Maybe more details about your project will bring more details about possible solutions. No guarantee but we will try :)