Converting frequency on US devices (60Hz - 50Hz)

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Hi friends, hope this is the right session where to post this thread..
first of all hank you so much for the opportunity to write here:)i'm looking for a solution to make it work in Italy an USA air dryer.The air dryer is compatible with 120V/60hz 15amp, in Italy we use 230V 50HZ. I am looking to design my own frequency converter / circuit even rewinding he motor, Another option is to make it work with an inverter which should still provide the correct voltage & 60Hz frequency sinewave output.
as you can imagine i am looking any way possible to make this air dryer work in italy, i really need his particular model to work in Italy and implement it in my wife air saloon.:D:cool:
Thank you really in advance everybody that give me any support and even willing to work with me on his project
Best regards Andrea
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