Controlling AC light using Arduino with relay


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You can find relays that work at 5 volts, or the same supply as the Arduino uses. That means just one supply for both units. Lower voltage relays need more current than a similar higher voltage unit but not excessively so, the same transistor could run either. The 4.7K resistor is a tad too large; I'd prefer something like 1K there especially for a 5 volt relay. (that is a guesstimate, I would not buy anything until I chose the relay first.)

Full disclosure: I don't use those boards but as far as I know they run off 5 volts.


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The module shown has an optical connection for isolation of the arduino. This is why it does not require a ground connection to the relay module.
Your sketch would require a connection from the arduino to ground of the transistor and provides no isolation of the arduino.

ian field

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Please tell me the major difference between these two.
The pictorial one has what looks like optocouplers on the PCB.

The relay on its own should provide adequate isolation - but the opto is a lot more safety margin.

Can't see anything wrong with the schematic version - but if the ready made PCB makes your MCU go phut, you can blame someone else.