Controling Nixie Tube with sn74141 and Arduino

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I am trying to control a single IN-1 tube .
I connected everything in the way shown in the attached diagram (the only difference is that Arduino is not powered from 12V power supply but from USB cable).

For starters I connected just PIN1 of Nixie to PIN 1 of sn74141

I wanted to test it so I connected PIN1 of the tube to PIN one of the sn74141
and then using 5v and GND signals from Arduino sent different bit combinations to the sn74141 ABCD pins

Regardless what I do the PIN 1 always has GND and 1 digit is displayed which is not right.

I also noticed that the chip hits up a lot even when the external 12v power supply is diconneted.

Am I doing something wrong or is it possible that I got a faulty batch of those sn74141 chips