Context Free Language Question

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I have a question:
Show that L = {a_concatenation_n b_concatenation_n | n ≥ 0, n is not a multiple of five} is context-free
I have found following solution for it:

Show that L = a_concat_n b_concat_n such that  n is greater than or equal to 0_ n is not a mul...jpg

Intersection would be all the languages where |w| is not a multiple of 10. But the question says |w| is not a multiple of 5. How to remove the languages which are of length 5, 15, 25 and so on. Some body please guide me.



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You are once again falling prey to relying on searching the Internet for someone else's solutions instead of putting forth the effort to understand the material well enough to even put your self in a position to try to come up with your own attempt first. The result is that you don't understand the fundamental concepts well enough to recognize that all you have to do is change "10" to "5" and call it a day.