Contact Sensor Off-Label Use

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Hi. I am Rube Goldberging a project as follows:
I want the fact that my house alarm is armed or not to toggle a light in another part of my house.
I have a dry contact closure coming from the system that indicates the armed state.​
I have a Contact Sensor (Magnetic) that is a Zigbee device​
I have a Zigbee hub​
I have a smart plug.​
I want to re-purpose the contact sensor to note the dry contact closure rather than the magnetic proximity. From there I have a routine that toggles the light based on the state of the contact sensor.

My questions are:
1) is there another cheap device (this contact sensor was $9US) that will just accept a contact closure and talk to a zigbee hub, or
2) can someone tell me what to jumper in the contact sensor to override the magnetic part and toggle the sensor status?

Or point me in the right place to ask?