Constant Drive Stepper Motor?


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I think the easiest way would be to use a driver board such as this one. All you need to do is feed it with step pulses at the correct frequency.
As your motor is 200 steps per revolution you would need to feed it with pulses at 100 Hz. The accuracy of the speed is goverend by the accuracy of the step pulses.


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Nothing attached...

I picked up two pulse generators on amazon, should be here tomorrow. Not sure how I'll figure out the correct frequency though as I have nothing to check that. I also don't need accuracy, I just need for it to be somewhere between 25-35rpm's.

I do have a big easy driver here, was going to see about using that.


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Then it will depend on how much the load varies and how much speed error tolerance you can operate at.
A simple PWM controller and up could be used.


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Thanks @mcgyvr I looked at those but was a bit concerned about the lifespan.
Not sure why you would be concerned..
Maybe you are referring to that specific brand and comments on that page..
A DC motor from a reputable manufacturer should last a long time..
I was just using that as a quick example showing that a DC 30RPM motors are out there..