Connection between LVDS interface port and MIPI/HiSpi interface port

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Good evening everyone!

I don't know if this is the right section of the forum where to ask my question but it actually seemed so to me. Also, I'm sorry if my question may sound stupid but this is my very first time having to deal with something like this so please be patient with me. If there is some problem Iet me know and I will cancel the post.
I am currently trying to test a sensor produced by On semiconductors, I'm linking the datasheet in case it was of any help ( As you can see, this sensor has only a connector, which implements an LVDS interface. To test this sensor I need to use a Demo3 evaluation board ( connected to a Demo2-to-Demo3 adapter board (, since the sensor was initally created to interact with the Demo2 board but this has just been substituted by the new Demo3 board : so I need to connect the sensor to this adapter which then connects to the Demo3 board. Now, I initially supposed I could directly connect the sensor's LVDS connector to one of the two MIPI/HiSpi connectors of the Demo2-to-Demo3 adapter. The sensor has a LED which should indicate that it is actually in its on state and, even though the Demo3 and Demo2-to-Demo3 adapter were turned on, the sensor resulted to be turned off. I then tryed to connect the sensor's port to the other MIPI/HiSpi connector but with no evident result. I initially thought that LVDS and MIPI DSI connectors were pretty much equivalent but, searching in the web it actually seems to me that there should be some sort of "conversion" in between the two, even thought of that I am not sure. What I wanted to know is: is it actually true? Do I need to buy a specific adapter in between the sensor and the board to effectively connect them or am I actually missing something that should make me understand how to do that? Because I don't happen to find anything clear in the net about this topic. Thank you all in advance for the help! Have a nice day!