Connection between a device and a LoRa

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So basically, I work for a company that's trying to connect our reading device (Orbcomm), to a LoRa one, to use it to transmit and receive data. We are currently aiming for Semtech products, mainly the SX1276/77/79 because of the 868MHz and 915MHz frequencies.

Our device had a OG2 GPS/GPRS transceiver attached to the base through a Mini PCI-E port, and we need to replace it with a Semtech/LoRa device.

I attached 4 files: Semtech SX1276

Semtech SX1276: The Datasheet for the device(s)
OG2: The Datasheet for the old module that was attached to our device
XXXX: Our device
Pin Configuration: A Sheet I made to separate all pins from the devices above and a default Mini PCI-E connector

I need to ''match'' the pins in the Semtech LoRa with our device, if possible through Mini PCI-E. If not, through one of the Serials ports. And I have zero idea how to connect or how to set up the connections.

(Note that all files are free for commercial and personal use.)