Connecting multiple microcontrollers in one USB

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Hello! We will be creating a project wherein we will be using 10 US-100 Ultrasonic Sensors, 10 servo motors, 2 DC motors, and 2 solenoids which is why we will be using multiple microcontrollers. Would it be possible to connect all those in order for it to be plugged in a computer in just one USB?


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Yes, I do it all the time. You have to create a LAN with some kind of protocol, i.e. :

[start character] [device address] [message] [checksum] [end character]

I use Silicon Labs CP2102 UART-USB bridge.

All microcontrollers connect in parallel to RXD and TXD.
All microcontrollers receive all messages but only act upon a message addressed to it.
All microcontrollers' TXD are disabled until it is required to send.