Connecting audio & mic sockets to motherboard

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Filippo Bosco

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Hello, I have a Z170-P motherboard by asus. My frontal hub consisting of power switch, usbs, microphone and audio jacks just broke.
I have bought 3 jack sockets, 2 are 5 pins and 1 is 3 pins. Here is a reference for the 5 pin socket ( ).
My motherboard supports both AC97 and Intels HD audio. My first question is :
Are this sockets compatibles with Intels HD audio?Or do i need something different (eg more pins).
Secondly how would i connect the sockets to the motherboard?Can i just solder wires to the socket and run theme to the motherboard?If yes, i have some doubts as far as what to connect to what. This is the motherboards layout for Intel HD audio :

1)Agnd 3)NC 5)Sense1_Return 7) 9)Sense2_Return
2)Port1_L 4)Port1_R 6)Port2_R 8)Sense_send 10)Port2_L

And this is the AC97 layout :

1) Agnd 3) NC 5) NC 7) 9) NC
2) MIC2 4) MIC PWR 6) LineOut_R 8) NC 10) LineOut_L

I have no clue what to do with the sense_ret and sense_send! Any help is appreciated!


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What you propose is doable and is a great pain in the a$$. Since I am a normal person, I would just buy a front panel module that has all the wanted ports and plug it into the motherboard. Something like this: There might be something cheaper too if you spend more time looking around.

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Filippo Bosco

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Yea thanks but i knew that much!I was looking for the pain full solution tho. I had no clue if i had to go with ac97 or hd audio. and where to latch the sense_ret and sense_send also i didn't know if latching the audio socket only without the mic one could work although it dose not seem to do so.