condenser mic library for proteus 8

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Good day friends...please I'm in need of a condenser mic library for Proteus 8. can anyone give me any website through which I can download the library... thanks in advance


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What's Proteus like compared to ltspice ? Is it more user friendly and visually appealing ? I'd like a faster way to try little circuits, more point and click style.


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Proteus has somewhat steep learning curve. It has VSM AVR and PIC simulation and the logic chips have red and blue animation with LEDs and relays you can activate. I prefer LTSpice but there’s a lot of functionally in Proteus and ORCAD that go beyond analog circuitry. There is a large investment in time in any of these systems. I have had issues with animation crashing and slowing down sims with an 8 core AMD. Some programs just hog resources. Another thing I didn’t like was that adding parts was always a challenge. There’s another sim called Multisim also which is pretty simple and maybe nicer looking.