Complete I2C based project with source code

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I think this is stupid question to ask on the forum but I feel this is a right way to take good start, so I did this question

I am looking complete I2C based project with source code. I think, I should see how other people write code before start to writing my own code This gives me a idea to understand how they are implementing logic into the code.

I have searched on google for i2c based project but I didn’t get complete project with source code. I don't even know it will work or not because.
There is some right information on the Internet and there is some wrong information too. We can find right or wrong by testing c code on hardware.

I use MPLAB and KEIL compiler to write code. I am sure, here will be many people who made project on i2c protocol. Can someone post complete project with source code here, who has successfully tested their source code with the hardware