complete drawing on contacts and deli Timer

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Babu Mistry

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HI sir,
Anyone who can assist me, I need to introduce a solenoid valve for my unloaded on the compressor.
It should work like this.
When I power the compressor, first the power should go to the unloader ON(unloader) then the compressor runs for 30 send then the unloader valve should load Power Off.
Need magnetic switch and use delay Timmer with puss button.


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I can tell that you are quite new in the field of control circuits. My suggestion is that for an application as seemingly simple as the one you're describing (no offense, but I find your English hard to understand) is that you should go to a local supplier of timers, controllers, plc's and the like, and ask them about their products and how they might help you solve your problem. Normally those suppliers will be more than happy to help you set up a simple application when you buy their products.