Closed thread - and I assert that it was a mistake.

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This thread was closed by ScottWang:

I would like another moderator to review this decision.

The ToS rule stipulates specifically: "Automotive modifications"
But, I would argue:
  • My project does not modify the car in any way.
  • The current transducers are hall-effect, it "listens" to the magnetic flux of power circuitry - there's no direct interface to existing automotive circuitry there.
  • Even if I did explicity receive advice to modify my car's electrical systems (which has nothing to do with my post) I'm in Australia - your laws do not apply to me, thus there is no recourse or liability.
Lastly, if you'd be so kind as to re-open the thread, I'm happy to reword the post as to apply it to this other project I'm working on, that just so happens to have an unstable +12v power supply and a similar sound set up; but does not in any way relate to an automobile.



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You wrote: "[+12v IN] is a direct feed from the car's +12v (which will be more like 12.6V when engine off, and 14.8v when engine is running)"

Many of the members of this form also participate on Electro-Tech online, where discussions of additions and modifications to automobiles is currently allowed.


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If you are tapping into your cars electrical system then by definition this is a modification.

Discussons are currently underway about our ruleset, so if you can check back in a week or so things may have changed. As is, it was a good call.


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Discussons are currently underway about our ruleset, so if you can check back in a week or so things may have changed.
Given the marketing focus of the new owners this is not too surprising. The planned budget will no doubt have line items for legal eagles to defend against lawsuits from all the injured parties. Does that also mean that all the locked threads will be reopened?


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Personally, I like the ban on automotive work because that is a whole world of ever changing technology that I pray I will not need to learn. Seriously! Modern car electronics makes learning to rebuild automatic transmissions look like a cute romp in the sand box. The TOS of this site protects me from pages of inquiries about which I could not be helpful. As for, "How it's going to be", I seem to have a longer time constant than several people.



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True enough. Can you imagine the questions following the release of fully autonomous vehicles?

Taking a cue from "War Games", how about a nice game of chess instead?