CCTV camera night vision

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    Jul 3, 2016
    Hello. I know that all cameras have infrared filters, but CCTV cameras are able to see in the dark because of IR LEDs. How does the filter not block the light from the diodes too? Also, are the LEDs any different than regular ones you can order online or the ones on a remote control? I'm asking because you can actually see how the diodes light up on a camera but not on a remote.
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    Jun 19, 2012
    Try some 880 nanometer IR LEDs with your particular camera.

    Cameras are all a little different, I have found BW cameras are best for IR illuminated applications, the color filters attenuate the IR a bit.
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    Cheaper cameras don't have IR filters which makes them sensitive in low-light but some colours look wrong in daylight e.g. dark blue can appear light blue. Better quality cameras use a movable IR filter that covers the lens in daylight (for colour accuracy) and moves out of the way at night for improved low-light sensitivity; the filter is not in front of the IR leds. The light from the IR LEDs is more visible to the eye than that from a remote control because they are driven constantly at a higher current rather than pulsed at low current.
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