capacitor for 12 volt DC

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Babu Mistry

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Hi sir/ mam,
Any member who knows where to get 200 kiloohms for Bosch hone. on the capacitor is marked HUMO 1z 1z size is 2.5 cm diameter is 1 cm. and the value is 200 kiloohms
or someone helps me how can I rewind one.
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Capacitance is not measured in ohms.
Unit of capacitance is farad, symbol F, commonly listed as μF which is 1 million times smaller than F.


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Your request is confusing.

Capacitors values are in farads. Ohms is for resistors. You don't rewind capacitors or resistors.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words...


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We don't know what it is.
Post a picture of the item showing the writing on it and a picture of the unit that it came from.


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Anyone where can I buy a capacitor for Bosch hone. ( HUKO 1z 1z 6...12 volts).
You must think that repeating yourself is going to get the answer you seek. That is not likely to happen until you address your fundamental misunderstanding of electronic components. We cannot tell you where to buy something unless we can match your description to a real device. So far, what you have provided is not useful.


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@Babu Mistry

Maybe "rewind" really means rewind, as for an inductor.

Bosch doesn't make many different grinders/sharpeners. Is it a bench grinder or the drill sharpener?

Can you post a picture of the part?