Capacitive touch sensing for light switch interface

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I'm investigating capacitive touch sensing as the user interface on a light switch project I am working on. I would like the interface to have a single button for ON/OFF control and a separate slider for dimming control.

I have read the series of tutorials within the AAC's reference library, particularly the project by Robert Klein (

Before I start down the route of the SiLabs EFM8 I wondered if anyone knew of a reference design which I could use to incorporate within my overall design? Or perhaps if someone has done what I plan to do and would be happy to share their experiences?




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You can do touch sensing without a microcontroller, but if you insist, you might be better off posting in, "Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers. If you wish to move your request, click on the "report" button and ask a Moderator to assist you.