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Hi folks,

I'm no more than a hobbyist who relies on internet searches to help me repair non-working equipment, and surprised how successful I've been, but I'm a bit stuck now, and grateful if anyone could help.
I have an ancient digital balance (25+ years old), but it died today, and emitted a puff of smoke from a circuit board. It looks like a component on the power board has overheated - the board connects directly to the internal transformer, has big caps, plus four transistors on it.
In one corner is an array of 4 identical ICs, each having four legs. Next to one leg is printed a "+", and a "-" next to another. In between these symbols is printed "8214". Other two legs have nothing printed next to them, but in between, again on the top surface is printed "VM68".

It is these VM68 I have no idea what they are and looking for help in identifying them so I can see if possible to buy replacements.

Each of these chips looks to connect via the PCB tracks to one of the three-legged (power?) transistors (?) (type NEC 7815 K1901F) and a 0.1uF cap.

I hope safe to assume that no other component also fried (only one of the VM68 was actually hot when touched, nothing else on the board. But if sensible to replace other components, can do as they're not pricy, and pity to have to throw this balance as it has served me well in over a decade of working out postage costs.

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The VM68 is a bridge rectifier.
The 8214 is likely the production code and is week 14 in 1982.

The 7815 could be a 3 leg voltage regulator.