cant find this circuit

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looking for a analog circuit which takes this kind of output for the shown input.

maybe it has a name I was thinking one shot or something but that didnt bring anything like this up



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One circuit solution is called a monostable multivibrator and also known as a "one-shot".
There are many varieties available.

What is the voltage level and pulse width?


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With the 555, there is a trick you can use to get both the input delay and the output pulse with one device. However, the input signal must be negative-going (unlike your drawing).

An alternative is to grow the monostable using a CMOS logic chip. The CD4093 can do both the delay and output stages in one part. However, the output can source/sink only a few mA (unlike the 555, which cah source/sink 200 mA).

What is the input signal coming from, and what does the output signal go to? If the input is in fact a power source being switched on, there is another 555 trick that will work.

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There are a few different circuits Id like to use this in but the phasing is the issue.
The phasing is not a significant circuit problem.
The many of the 4xxx series output small current.
Is this important? You still have not said what the output of the circuit is driving, its voltage and current requirements, etc.