Can Someone Please Help Identify This Connector / Terminal Type?

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Hi everyone.

I'm trying to reverse engineer an extension cable, and I thought I'd see if anyone might be able to help me determine whether the terminals on the end of the cable are premanufactured (and, thus, possibly available through someplace like Mouser or Digikey), or if they were likely custom-designed by the manufacturer. I've posted a photo of the extension cable below. FYI, it's an extension cable for a portable audio recorder which allows a modular microphone capsule to be physically detached from the recorder and mounted elsewhere. Although the extension cable is pricey at $99, I'd likely just bite the bullet and purchase it out of convenience, but unfortunately the extension is 10', whereas I need less than a 1' extension for my application. I'd rather not mess with a 9' bundle of unused, coiled cable, so I thought I'd look into possibly building my own extension cable with a much shorter length. It's a basic 5 conductor extension that should be pretty easy to assemble on my own, assuming that I could get my hands on the connectors, so I thought this would be a good place to ask for help or suggestions.

If nothing else, I could probably purchase the extension cable and shorten the cable length on my own, but I thought I might try going a step further and make my own cable if possible. I realize that the plastic clip/locking mechanism on the connectors was probably custom designed by the manufacturer, but the terminals themselves look like they might have been prefabricated by another manufacturer.

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help identify these connectors or provide some advice! (I've included the photo below, and here's the link to a hi-res version.)



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One side is a PCB with gold contact fingers and the other end is a card edge connector..
edac and others make the card edge connector.. you will have to get a PCB made for the contact fingers.. with the extra length..