Can multiphase power be transmitted over a single wire (not earth return)?

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    Nov 24, 2018
    Nikola Tesla discovered single-wire power transmission most likely around the time he patented his magnifying receiver. Single-wire power transmission does not mean the common earth return system or SWER. The World Wireless System, A.K.A. Wardenclyffe Tower was a proposed single-wire power transmission station that would use earth as the transmission line, it was not a wireless energy system as far as I am aware, and it took me more than 8 years of research and discovery to attain this truth. Many people regard Nikola Tesla as a quack, but his single-wire resonant power transfer has been independently re-discovered again and again by different individuals.

    This link is called Tesla's MIstake, and it outlines Tesla's single-wire resonant power transmission

    There may be some people who don't believe single-wire power transmission is possible, so here is a wikipedia link to help you understand it is real

    So now, here is my question:

    Can I use a single-wire (earth) to send "syncronized" AC signals to a receiver at a distance down the transmission line. Basically my question is about separate transmitters being able to lock phase with another and provide intelligent multi-phase power, and can a receiver at another point make use of this multi-phase power, or is single-phase the best a single line is able to do?

    The purpose behind the question is to figure out if single-wire power transmission into the earth is practical, and whether there are efficiency and QOS gains possible in the system. I am aware that earth resistive losses are anywhere between 10 to 1000 (Ω-m) up to 10000 (Ω-m), and this is technically the line resistance which is much higher than a traditional conduit, but for Tesla's sake, could we get any guys with SWER experience to vouch for the ground's electrical conductivity being good enough to transmit power through it, cuz alot of people shut the system down on those grounds alone (no pun intended here)

    Finally, I will present my drawings of Tesla's single-wire power transmission (attached), and see if anybody can suggest changes that would enable or improve multi-phase power transmission through a single-wire (earth).