Can anyone identity this bulb??

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Sorry I'm new to all of this, I'm swapping led bulbs in gauges on my motorcycle. I ordered plenty of what I thought was the correct bulbs, but I came across these 3 little guys and I have no idea on a replacement number.. can anyone help me??Screenshot_20200323-192112_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20200323-191901_Video Player.jpg


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I wouldn’t worry too much about what they are exactly. Can you measure the working voltage while they are lit? That would tell about the specs a bit. If possible, slide a piece of paper over one while lit and see if you can estimate the dispersion angle (spot versus flood).

I suspect they are standard LEDs using 5-20mA. That would produce plenty of light on a gauge. Just look for LEDs with a similar physical footprint and dispersion angle. They won’t cost much and you might want to order several different options to see which you prefer.


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Those are LED's. Surface mounted. Just guessing here but the red end is the positive side (the cathode end). Not certain thought.