Calling SMPS Gurus

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I am attempting to repair the power supply of my air fryer. It comes on for a moment and then dies. I have traced the circuit (hopefully correct!). I have checked all the diodes, capacitors and resistors. I have not been able to find out the identity of the 8-pin controller. It looks a bit like the Viper12A but the pins do not match. Can anyone identify it please?
It is impossible to see the markings on the IC with the naked eye. I have taken a photograph of the IC through my microscope and applied filters to get the best image. It appears to have two sets of numbers - PN6013 and L43A2A12. How does one distinguish between the part number and the production number?
I would be gratefulif anyone can shed some light on this - I need to know what type of controller IC it is.
Greetings from Western Australia, William