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Hi all!

Most of the posts here sound like they’re WAY over my head! Can “civilians“ ask things, or is that too “beginner” or “time wasting“ for these forums (especially when my age is making my brain feel like Hal’s, as his modules were being pulled) ?

You all do sound friendly, though, and not overly serious.

I would totally understand, however, if this is mostly for working HW experts, and not aging SW engineers! I was expressing my love of RPN, and asking if there was new HW being made.

Thanks for all the REALLY FAST replies, though!

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every on e is welcome,
My only suggestion would be to make it clear when you ask question what your understanding of the subject is that way the answer can be aimed at your knowledge.

Also be aware, we all do this to help as volunteers, but some times we have had bad days and we should not really be answering, and our answers might be "short" . sorry when that happens.


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About 10 years ago, HP released a classic version of the 15C calculator. I believe that one was the last “new” calculator on the market Before that, he HP35S from ~2005