Calculating CRC for nRF24L01

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I'm reading datasheet for nRF24L01 family module, please refer to link to open datasheet at page 28 (section 7.3.5 quited below) it tells calculating CRC
for example sending text is 'Hello' how will I calculate CRC and what will be final CRC number I will get,
I'll appricate if someone also include how to varify CRC at receiving end.

7.3.5 CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)
The CRC is the mandatory error detection mechanism in the packet. It is either 1 or 2 bytes and is calculated over the address, Packet Control Field and Payload.
The polynomial for 1 byte CRC is X8 + X2 + X + 1. Initial value 0xFF.
The polynomial for 2 byte CRC is X16+ X12 + X5 + 1. Initial value 0xFFFF.
No packet is accepted by Enhanced ShockBurst™ if the CRC fails
Datasheet at nRF24L01


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Generally, no any programming is required. Just pick up the standard file the planet best minds are attached to Application Note and use it without any modifications.