Calculating core loss by using Steinmetz equation for square voltage waveform

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Hello guys, i need to calculate core loss according to Steinmentz equation.
I know that there are waveform coefficients which are useful for this purpose.
But there is a thing that i dont understand: is it correct to use waveform coefficient as multiplier?
For example: default Steinmentz equation is P=K*f^a*B^b. Coefficients K, a, b must be given in datasheet, i know.
For square voltage waveform, waveform multiplier is pi/4, so the loss is P=(pi/4)*K*f^a*B^b
So, there is question: are K, a, b given in datasheet suitable for square voltage waveform? Or k, a, b are right only for sin waveform?
P.S. used material is N87.