Bricked the bios - removing chip necessary

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I was doing a bios upgrade (never a good idea.) I think I've put the incorrect image on the system.
It's a Sony PC N50 - SVJ202 model SVJ202B16W touchscreen .
The system is flashing up very quickly now with - 'operating system not found. '
F2 doesn't respond - but then this is a touchscreen and the BIOS is far as I can say the OS was working.
The thing was bought in Australia i'm in the UK now, which is another problem
Everytime I typed the serial it brought me to a UK version (I think) - hence the incorrect BIOS.

I have this thing pulled apart. I'm looking for advise before I go taking out chips and things.
I've never had to repair a BIOS before although I've been in IT long time and I'm an electronics student.
The things well out of warranty. So any advise you can give you can give, without telling me I'm an idiot. Yes... I already know.

If you need more info or Pics or anything send me a reply and I'll post back.