Brake lights - A and not B circuit help


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Before spending too much time on this you might want to check if it's legal. My oldest grandson got a ticket a few weeks ago for having a row of blue leds between his tailgate and bumper on his pickup truck. Blue lights are limited to police vehicles in Ohio. The weren't blinking, just a led strip that came on with the tail lights.


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Good advice.

In Colorado the statutes (they claim) say that only police vehicles can use blue lights, yet most snow plows use blue lights. Go figure.

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Ok, I made the circuit. It works on the bike. Although I think the resistors may be too high as the light are a litter dimmer. and the motorbike display I think it receieve extra electricity when the bike is turned off and the lights are switched on. The display lights dimmely extra cristals.

thanks everyone for the help.