BQ24261M Configuring Regulated Voltage

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I'm using a BQ24261 on the power management path of my IoT device. The device's connectivity module needs to run on 3.7V and I'm supplying this voltage with the BQ24261, I've chosen this module because the IoT device is configured to run on battery (3.7V) in given instances. Everything ran smoothly until I noticed that sometimes the connectivity module dies in between data send intervals, so I hooked up my oscilloscope and noticed that if I don't hook up my 3.7V battery to the BAT pins of the BQ24261, it only regulates 3.4 Volts, which doesn't sound like a big issue but during send intervals the connectivity module pulls enormous currents and the voltage across the pins drops about 0.3 - 0.5 Volts, which sometimes kills the device.
I'm attaching my oscilloscope screenshots and my schematics. How do I configure this BQ24261 so that it runs on 3.7 Volts even when there isn't any battery attached?