Bluetooth Remote Control

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Small, wearable Bluetooth remote control transmitters for tripping the shutter of a smart phone camera up to 10 meters away are readily available, even from Walmart stores no less, for less than $15. I want to use one of these in a short range remote control system to turn something ON and OFF, but I don't know enough about Bluetooth to design a receiver. I'm looking for for someone who knows Bluetooth and can suggest a device or a circuit for something I can use as a receiver, with possible modifications. The receiving device should be relative small and inexpensive, operable by a 3V lithium coin cell battery, preferably with low power consumption during standby, certainly not a cell phone. Something that would provide me with ANY sort of circuit response to a press of the transmitter button is all I need. If you look through the Walmart catalog you'll see a ton of Bluetooth receiving devices, whatever those are used for.


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This video will help with an introduction to BLE and a likely way to use it (ESP32 WROVER). You may have to use a larger battery than you want, but in any case this is worth watching to get your bearings with Bluetooth.