Bit banding/Software uart RPI2 Model B


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Sorry, can't help with your question but I think you mean bit-banGing, as in to bang a drum? This may help you get better results from Google.


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These are two separate things.

Bit Banging and Bit Banding.

Bit Banging is using the processor to set logic levels for communication or I/O. i.e....manual I/O.

Bit Banding is using a whole memory location to represent one bit. When you use that represents one bit in another register.

I didn’t explain that too well. You can look both up.

Sorry, not familiar with your unit or python. The unit site should have links to all the libraries.
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A software UART isn't too difficult to write.
Just send out the bits as zeroes or ones with correct delay between bits.
Don't forget to add start and stop bits.

Receive is just the opposite , read in bits with the correct delay between them.