best way to down size a control panel ?

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Hi guys, do you have good ideas in down sizing a control panel for industrial uses?

I know a good example would be using a PLC instead of the old fashioned relays . Also is it possible to use a circuit board instead of a PLC? That would down size the panel even more Right ?

Also there are stuff in the control panel you cannot down size, e.g the power contactors , ELCB, MCB , RCCB right ? Or is there a smaller version of these things avilable out there? I am running at around 50 amps each.

I am asking this question because I am about to built a new panel that is with my current calculation going to be about 15 meters in length . And I am thinking of ways to shrink it down.

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Heck of a control panel 15m long! And your cramped for space?
You cannot get much smaller than a PLC, if you use a custom micro board, you still have to condition the outputs, so in the end you are not much further ahead, size wise.


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I suggest you sit down with a blank sheet of paper and take a long look at what you have and where you want to go. That includes all automation and all in and out digital and analog. There are PLC systems as well as dozens of control systems out there depending on what you want to do. For example I designed a few panels which included pumps with 30 and 40 HP motors but all my motor speed controls and starters were located at the pumps and not in my panels. The same was true of large heater drivers. You need to figure what will be in the control panel and how it will be mounted, for example DIN rails? Also consider any safety concerns, I placed Plexiglas over all 120, 240 and 480 VAC exposed terminals. Also figure your I/O connectors and placement.

This all comes down to exactly what you need to fit in the cabinet and then allow at least 33% more in oversize. :)